Hello, Light

My name is Julia. I'm a 33 year old NCIS obsessed Tiva shipper. My other obsessions include X-Files, Suits, Graceland, Burn Notice, Disney, dance, tattoos, and Penguins hockey, and whatever I feel like.

I also play WoW and blog about it on my sideblog (aksannyi-wow).

I work hard for not a lot of money and I'm a student so if you see complaining it's because this is my only outlet. I'm a bit crazy at times but I have a generally great life and I love my boyfriend (RL OTP) and my kids more than anything.

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Ahahaha, of course the little slimeball did.
Yeah like I’m kind of laughing but at the same time I’m not even a little bit surprised.
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oh look, justin bieber got arrested again

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there are some people that i follow that i’m never unfollowing. like it’s ride or die at this point we’re in this together 4 life

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So this was great and shouldn’t be taken for granted: 


*not my gif*

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ofc when i want to visit livejournal for the first time in like 9 months the shit is down

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to the most adorable fbi agent to ever agent
"a little sunshine never hurt nobody"
joe “johnny” tuturro

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It’s become something like if you don’t do the reading and you pass the class you’re smarter than everyone else.
I guess I can see where some people might think this, and I’ll admit that sometimes I actually don’t need to do additional studying to pass, but I do it anyway because this is the field I hope to work in, why would I shortchange myself?
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I really don’t understand people in college who don’t do the reading, especially if the reading directly pertains to your major. You’re only hurting yourself by not doing it.

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someone stop me


someone stop me

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my sexuality is david duchovny saying “FBI” in the Springfield Files episode of the simpsons

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so on today’s edition of “i don’t know when the fucking due date is so i’m just going to do this now …”

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so thedepartedfairy (maya) just told me about something champagneforklaroline  said to her:

I just have to say you are my favorite Pike shipper and it agree with you 1000% on that they need to have hot, angry sex like against the wall, breaking things and all that

and the following conversation ensued:

me: lol
me: which house member’s belonging should they break? i mean who would be the most annoyed
maya: Jakes
maya: Probably
maya: Or Johnny
me: i think johnny would still be all smiles about it though
me: you know, he’s so forgiving
maya: Honestly, so do I
maya: He’s be doing his, “you dirty dog…” thing
maya: He’d prob be proud
me: hell he’d keep it just to tell someone a story about it later
me: “oh that? that was something i used to keep in my room, but my roommates well … they got a little … excited and broke it”
me: “i keep it to remember those crazy lovebirds” lol
maya: Lol! Totally!
maya: Badge of honor
me: “yeah man they did it on my bed and broke my lamp and i ain’t even mad”
me: lol

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I really need some Ziva fanfiction. I am losing any hope even though I am not watching the show anymore. Hey, at least I have my vacation coming up soon.
I’ve really been trying to write, it just hasn’t been happening. I literally sat down this morning (no work to do ugh) and tried to write something but it didn’t sound like it came from Ziva or that it was even remotely plausible even in an AU version so I scrapped it.
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You give me the “Ziva feels” when you say that. Hopefully you made it to work??
Oh yeah, I’ve been here for almost three hours. Just thinking about other shit, and I’ll admit I was definitely channeling Ziva there. It may be a half decent fic prompt if I could get my muses back into some sort of working condition.
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