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My name is Julia. I'm a 33 year old NCIS obsessed Tiva shipper. My other obsessions include X-Files, Suits, Graceland, Burn Notice, Disney, dance, tattoos, and Penguins hockey, and whatever I feel like.

I also play WoW and blog about it on my sideblog (aksannyi-wow).

I work hard for not a lot of money and I'm a student so if you see complaining it's because this is my only outlet. I'm a bit crazy at times but I have a generally great life and I love my boyfriend (RL OTP) and my kids more than anything.

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i forgot about the moment in the orange grove, where they almost kiss and he just… crumbles and says he’s fighting for her

and i just saw a GIF of it

and my whole stomach seized up, i’m not joking

i just

i hate that they stripped both tony and ziva down, laid them bare and made them absolutely so vulnerable and open with each other, and then left ziva on the tarmac, had tony come back to america and just be like ‘lolz jk i’m totes fine imma go back to my frat bro ways and have a fuck buddy wheee


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snow and charming are THE ship. But ya his “wife” is terrible. I tell everyone to give regina time. She is my BABE I love her.
They are killing me right now, seriously.
My boyfriend also said that I will grow to love Regina too but right now I just want to punch her in the face.
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ouat thoughts so far:

i love rumplestiltskin

emma swan kicks ass

mary margaret is adorable

btw i totally ship her with david (and yes i know she’s snow and he’s her prince)

i can’t stand david’s “wife”

and regina pisses me off

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bless you for wearing a white shirt 


bless you for wearing a white shirt 

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hair color, take 2

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currently: laughing my ass off at mikey’s au fic suggestions

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Graceland AU: The guys have to go undercover as male models


Some are more happy about this than others **coughJakescough**


I thought the fandom could use something to make us smile. 

*Please credit if using elsewhere. This is the first gif I’ve ever made and it took me FOREVER. *

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dude, like omg

honestly if cote does the ice bucket challenge i will probably die right then and there

plus i just want to see her face again

please please please please please do it cote! <3

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Well my boyfriend is going to be busy this weekend working on his dissertation and studying (for the semester that hasn’t even started yet, yep) so I’m going to sit at home and play WoW and marathon OUAT I think.

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I mean when you think about it, you got to face the fact that is is a very successful TV show on American television all over the world and probably the driving force of the show, this might be sacrilegious to say, was the realtionship between you and Cote. Between Michael and Cote. It drove the show through years and years of … of this procedural, I’m sure very interesting stuff, but there was emotion connected to it all the way through and it wasn’t, knowing Mr. Weatherly from before this show, that he lives in the work that he does. He lives in the work that he does.

James Whitmore Jr. (Past, Present and Future Commentary)
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You guys I am so ready for school to start up again.

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Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI’s most unwanted.


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quadruplegay: What is Beyoncé performing at the VMAs?


if you find out let me know 

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