Hello, Light

My name is Julia. I'm 33 and a Tiva shipper (but not an NCIS fan anymore). My other obsessions include X-Files, Once Upon a Time, Graceland, Burn Notice, Disney, dance, tattoos, Penguins hockey, and whatever else I feel like.

I play WoW and blog about it on my sideblog (aksannyi-wow), and you'll find my hockey posts on angry-pens-fan.

I work hard for not a lot of money and I'm a student so if you see complaining it's because this is my only outlet. I'm a bit crazy at times but I have a generally great life and I love my boyfriend (RL OTP) and my kids more than anything.

My friend posted this on FB … uncanny resemblance, yes?

My friend posted this on FB … uncanny resemblance, yes?

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